Hi Friend!

The Early Nest was born out of my struggles as a mother. After the birth of my second child, the pandemic began and I found myself isolated, raising two kids under two with very little support.

As a passionate Montessori mom and homeschooler I did my best to support my kids, but began to burn out as the isolation and fatigue grew. I then realized that it was not just me struggling to keep my head above water, there were many parents out there in the same situation, and not just during a pandemic.

The battle between our strong desire to offer our kids enriching activities yet the exhaustion of parenthood that prevents us from doing so can be overwhelming. I vowed to offer whatever help I could to other parents and caregivers with the extensive knowledge of early childhood development I have acquired over the years.

We have practiced Montessori since birth for both my children, and I have spent countless hours researching early childhood development. The Early Nest Box offers enriching activities inspired by Montessori & Forest School, all supplies and instructions included. Time spent in nature is not just the ultimate learning experience for kids, it can be therapeutic for a tired parent.

I want this box to offer you support, encouragement and all the tools you need to be the best parent you can be.

You've got this!

Meg xoxo

Educare School