Homeschooling Activities for Toddlers: Nurturing Development through Play and Learning


Hello parents on the homeschooling journey with young toddlers! On this exciting educational path, many are often on the lookout for engaging activities that promote our little ones' development. Homeschooling doesn't have to be daunting; in fact, it's a wonderful opportunity to create a nurturing environment where toddlers can learn, explore, and thrive. In this blog post, we'll explore a variety of homeschooling activities designed for toddlers, along with the developmental benefits they offer. Plus, we'll introduce The Early Nest Toddler Activity Subscription Box, an amazing supplemental resource for your homeschooling curriculum!

The Early Nest Toddler Activity Subscription Box: A Homeschooling Essential

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Sensory Play: Developing Senses and Cognitive Skills

  • Sensory bins filled with different materials, such as rice, sand, or water, engage the senses and enhance fine motor skills.
  • Exploration with textured objects or fabric books helps toddlers develop sensory awareness and cognitive abilities.
  • Engaging with musical instruments like shakers or drums introduces rhythm and improves hand-eye coordination.

Montessori-Inspired Practical Life Activities

  • Practical life activities, such as pouring, sorting, and folding, promote independence and fine motor skills.
  • Engage toddlers in basic kitchen tasks, like washing vegetables or stirring ingredients, to develop practical skills.
  • Cleaning activities with child-sized tools not only teach responsibility but also enhance gross motor and hand-eye coordination.

Language and Literacy Development: Books and Storytelling

  • Reading together nurtures language skills, vocabulary, and comprehension while fostering a love for reading.
  • Interactive books with flaps, textures, or pop-ups make storytime engaging and encourage curiosity.
  • Storytelling sessions, using expressive voices and gestures, help toddlers connect with narratives and build language abilities.

Arts and Crafts: Unleashing Creativity

  • Coloring and drawing activities improve fine motor skills, hand strength, and artistic expression.
  • Encourage toddlers to engage in craft projects, like gluing, cutting, and sticking, to foster creativity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Exploring different art materials like finger paints, crayons, and stickers broadens sensory experiences and sparks creativity.

STEM Activities: Nurturing Curiosity and Problem-Solving

  • Simple science experiments, like mixing colors or observing plants growing, encourage curiosity and critical thinking.
  • Basic concepts like floating and sinking, magnets, or light and shadow introduce toddlers to the wonders of the natural world.
  • Hands-on STEM activities lay the foundation for future scientific learning and help toddlers understand cause and effect.

Gross Motor Play: Active and Healthy Development

  • Dancing to music or playing "Simon Says" improves balance, coordination, and body awareness.
  • Outdoor play, including running, jumping, and climbing, helps toddlers develop gross motor skills and physical strength.
  • Riding tricycles or balancing on a balance board enhances motor skills and instills a sense of balance and control.

Pretend Play and Role-Playing

  • Pretend play with dolls, toy kitchen sets, or doctor kits nurtures creativity, imagination, and social skills.
  • Role-playing helps toddlers understand different roles in the world, such as being a parent, chef, or firefighter.
  • Engaging in imaginative play fosters emotional intelligence and empathy as children express and understand feelings through play.


Homeschooling toddlers can be an enriching and joyful experience, filled with opportunities to nurture their development through play and learning. From sensory play and Montessori-inspired activities to language development and STEM exploration, your homeschooling journey can be a dynamic and engaging one. And with The Early Nest Toddler Activity Subscription Box as a wonderful supplemental resource, you have access to a wide range of age-appropriate, educational activities to support your child's growth. Embrace these homeschooling activities, and watch your little ones thrive as they absorb knowledge and develop essential skills. 

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