Winter Woodland

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Unwrap a world of wintry wonder with The Early Nest's Winter Woodland Box! ❄️

Embark on a cozy adventure of:

Dazzling Lantern Craft: Paint the night sky alive with a glowing lantern that mimics the dancing hues of the Northern Lights. Bedtime stories never glowed brighter!

Hibernation Hideaway: Who snuggles up for winter and who braves the cold? Build a cozy haven for sleepy critters and discover the secrets of winter slumber.

❄️ Snowy Playdough Stomp: Squish and mold soft, white playdough, leaving behind adorable animal tracks in their wake. Winter wonderland sensory fun in your own living room!

Forest River Flow: Dive into a calming, textured world with a miniature babbling brook. This sensory bin lets tiny explorers feel the gentle rush of a woodland stream.

Hedgehogs: Count cunning little hedgehogs and fill in their quills! Math playtime never felt so delightful!

The Winter Woodland Box isn't just playtime, it's a sensory feast for tiny adventurers. Spark curiosity, nurture imagination, and create heartwarming memories that last a lifetime. All nestled snugly in one magical box.